From anxious, over thinker to calm as f&%k

You often feel like your head is spinning, there are thoughts everywhere and you can't make a decision to save yourself.

You are hard on yourself and you feel frustrated when you can not complete your unattainable to do list.

You go to great lengths to help everyone else, but still feel like it's never enough. Its exhausting!

You feel like you are alone in this.....

You are tired and overwhelmed. You are pushing through, but you can not seem to contain that voice in your head. Always second guessing yourself and always judging, that voice can be a bit of a b%$ch!

You have wondered what life could be like if you were different, many times, but there is a big difference between thinking about it and actually doing it. You also go in and out of thinking that you need help and believing that you are on top of it all.

You don't feel supported as it is, you don't have a way to be accountable for your actions, you don't even know what action you should take. All of that information is SO confusing! You need the steps planned out for you to follow in an easy, straight forward strategy.

You know that you want to feel like you can enjoy your experience and not just crisis manage your movements, conversations and emotions at any given time.

You really want to be able to walk into a party, without spending the days leading up to it rehearsing conversations that may never happen. Or, replaying the conversations that did happen, as though thoughts alone can change the awkwardness you felt.

You want to travel without spending the lead up obsessing about leaving the house.

You want to go to that class without feeling like all eyes are on you.

You want to laugh more……

I have supported countless women just like you....

My clinic is full of them, bursting in fact and I want to be able to serve even more of you. Everyone deserves to feel calm and that is why I created a fast tracked program with everyday tools to lean on, in your own time as well as structured conversations along the way.

My clinical outcomes are why I LOVE my job and why I am so passionate about creating change around anxiety and the stigma of mental health. When your mission meets your passion, you find ways to serve more!

With anxiety reports at a record high, it is time that we did something about it.

Did you know that one in 8 females, thats 13% of the population, reported having an anxiety related condition.

That is just what is reported which means that it was eventually bad enough to see their GP.

So, as far as feeling alone is concerned, you most definitely are NOT alone.

What is the solution?

What if you had professional support that can be taken with you every where you go?

There are only so many people that I can see in a day, so I have consolidated what I know to be true into bite sized pieces that you can revisit at any time.

Basically I have wrapped up 17 years of clinical expertise to serve you in the best possible way. (What was true for me when I sought support was that I could only retain a certain amount of information at a time. Having this accessible to you to revisit at any time means that you can create a deeper understanding of yourself and your treatment strategy.)

BONUS- What if I included specific nutraceuticals to support your biochemical pathways for the entire duration of the program. These foundational supplements provide the building blocks for optimal brain function. Of course these are personalised to each individual.

BONUS- How about a yoga subscription designed specifically for the anxious mind. There is 24/7 access on your mobile or laptop to use at your convenience.

I created exactly what I needed when I was feeling consistently anxious, knowing that the plan needed to be concise, straight forward and have an incredible impact. It needed to take me from feeling overwhelmed and "in my head" to feeling calm and focused.

BONUS- Downloadable trackers, tools and implementation worksheets.

BONUS- Access to over 2000+ recipes specific to your needs.

BONUS- Your consultations are done online, this means that you don't need someone to look after the kids, take time off work or schedule your way around your commute in.


Press the ENROL NOW button RIGHT NOW to receive a custom made care package to kick start the process and to take you to the next level.

This includes items that will boost your Naturopathic care, as well as my favourite tools to remind you of what we are working towards every day.

Your pack includes-

  • an anchor- to remind you daily of what we are working towards
  • a personalised flower essence mix
  • a handmade stress less bath salt pack
  • a personally created massage oil
  • a card for your wallet with straightforward reminders for emergency situations
  • calming tea
  • and "a few of my favourite things" handout for extra activities

There is limited availability on these care packages, so please get in fast to avoid disappointment! Only 5 left!


  • The program runs for 6 months- each fortnight, you have access to the 12 crucial pillars for change. This is available throughout the program for you to revisit at any time. To avoid overwhelm, these will be unlocked along the way.
  • Specifically targeted consultations each month.

The personalised treatment includes consultations to assess YOUR situation, this is not a cookie cutter approach. Each treatment outline entirely depends on the person, not the symptoms.This is not a program where you are expected to walk alone, you will be supported every step of the way.

  • Meal support with your own personalised recipe database. This provides you with access for up to and over 2000+ recipes and shopping lists that are tailored to suit your needs. That is some serious inspiration right there!
  • A personalised yoga series has been created, specifically for you, by the incredible Amy Mingin at Naturopathic Yoga. This incredibly unique package takes you from feeling depleted and scattered, to centred and strong. Yoga is an incredible tool to get you out of your head and into your body. We begin slowly and build up to longer sessions as the practise becomes less about ticking the box of getting it done and more about becoming addicted to how the practise makes you feel. Calm AF!
  • Your foundation nutritional supplements are included to ensure that biochemically you are functioning optimally and your stress response is supported. (Should anything else be required, we can discuss this as we go along.)

THE VALUE- what is such a life changing impact worth?

If you tried all of this on your own, you would easily spend thousands of dollars, waste a bucket load of time and be left feeling like nothing is working for you. It could even cost your health if you are taking advice from an unqualified practitioner, a neighbour, or no one at all. You might even be simply picking and choosing what your friend has suggested or what the lady over your back fence has used before. Unfortunately they have little idea about how complex the human body actually is.

When you work on your own, it is easy to lose momentum. You can waste money on trying a supplement out, to discover that it is not right for YOU. There is a delicate balance in what your body requires and what is otherwise an expensive wee! This can be incredibly frustrating and still not produce the results that you need!

This online program alone is worth over three times its cost, including 6 private consultations, 12 modules of step by step instructions, tracking activities, pdfs, mindset exercises, specialised yoga series and supplements.

You have already spent countless hours on Dr Google and you have wasted countless years in holding yourself back from doing what you love. Maybe it is time to go on that adventure, to take that challenge or even just get out more.

Maybe it is time to get back into the workforce, which means that this will all pay for itself in no time....

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Your Instructor


17 years in the Naturopathic profession has led Nicole to understand that the most inspiring and motivating reason for change is the WHY!

Nicole is passionate about creating an easy to understand program about how stress and anxiety impact our health on many levels. Clinical experience in this complex area has led to distinct key points to streamline your outcome.

Clinical practise in this incredible area has also taught her how important it is to implement strategies as quickly as possible with easy integration.

This course has been designed to encourage understanding and change in an incredibly practical way, after all nothing changes if nothing changes!

The purpose is to be used in conjunction with your Naturopathic consultations for personalised and streamlined treatment outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now. Each week a new topic is opened up and worked on in your own time. This runs for 12 weeks.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have full access to the information for the entire 12 weeks, the changes that you will implement will last a lifetime.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and you can opt out. Conditions apply.
Do you have a payment plan?
Yes. We realise that it is not always easy to invest in your health in a single payment, so we have divided payments up into monthly instalments if required.
Do I have to see you in person?
No. Actually I find that many people prefer to have a consultation online as it is easier to schedule into your day. No travelling, no parking issues and no problems about finding a babysitter. Should you be local and prefer to see me in person, I absolutely welcome this too.
Do I have to take liquid herbs?
Preferably, yes. However we can find a tablet or capsule form to suit you. I do encourage the liquids as they tend to work faster as well as being entirely personalised. Rarely are two mixes alike. This is part of the beauty in evidence based, personalised care.
What are base supplements?
These are the foundational requirements to meet your nutritional needs. They are a little like the foundation of a house. When your foundation is strong, the walls and roof are held up well in all conditions. When the foundation is weak, we discover cracks in the walls and movement in the roof. It is important to build a solid foundation in order to function at your optimal level. During high stress levels, we require and use up many of our nutrient stores. One element of the treatment is to restore these specific pathways.
What testing is included?
A test to measure your stress response and another one to establish a DNA profile are included, both of these are done using saliva. The benefit of these results is that we get to see YOUR numbers and be empowered by the changes.
Is there anything else that you would recommend testing?
Yes, there are further tests that could be run. Should further testing be of interest, we can discuss this and the relevance to your personal situation.